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The Boost is designed to be used exclusively with concentrates, just like traditional concentrate rigs. The unit comes with multiple nails, including one that’s titanium, one that’s ceramic, and one that’s quartz. These nails screw on to the top of the base and are connected to the heating element by a ceramic pin. The nail heats up in about 30 seconds, and all it takes to engage the power is 3 clicks of the only button if you are using the titanium nail and 5 clicks for the ceramic nail.

A light will glow blue when the nail is fully heated if you are using the titanium nail/quartz nail and white if you are using the ceramic nail, and at that point your waxes can be placed inside the dome around the nail using a tool included with the Boost. It even comes with a water filter / percolator that sits on top of the base and cools down the vapor temperature considerably.


The Boost’s battery life is great. This is another category where it’s hard to compare this to other vaporizers, because each session with concentrates is considerably shorter than a session with dried material. While most portable vapes can last between 10 and 15 sessions before

While most portable vapes can last between 10 and 15 sessions before needing to be recharged, Dr. Dabber claims that this can go 50-60. Needless to say, we weren’t able to actually test this claim as 50-60 draws would be a bit… much.

Manufacturing Quality

This is a well-made device. The pieces all fit together snugly, and everything is well machined. The base feels very solid in the hand, and there are no defects in the glass water filter and mouthpiece that sits on top.

The newest model of the boost comes with 3 nails, ceramic, titanium, and quartz. All fit well on the unit and have been nicely molded. There’s even a magnetic base that helps keep the unit standing, which is a really cool idea that helps to ensure you don’t accidentally break something.


While many people like taking high-temperature draws, the key to great flavor is actually lower temperatures. The base level temperature for the Boost is over 515°F, which with concentrates is on the lower end of the spectrum. At this temperature you get a ton of flavor out of your concentrates but slightly less vapor cloud. 

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