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What’s New?

It appears the next Arizer unit will feature a digital display something that has been lacking from Arizer units for sometime. This will allow users more control over there setting allowing them to set the temperature down to the individual degree.

We are happy to see Arizer’s commitment to purity has not changed as the device features a glass mouthpiece. It also appears the mouthpiece is far more concealed and tight to the unit which is a welcome design change as both the Arizer Solo and Air stems stuck out significantly from the device making them a bit of an eyesore and not very discreet to use when in public.

We are curious if the glass mouthpiece will be a similar setup to the rest of the Arizer units by having the user pack there herbs into the bottom of the mouthpiece and insert it into the device.

The overall shape of the unit, from what we can tell from the short video, bares some resemblance to the Arizer Solo body, with the unit being fatter at the top and slimming down near the bottom.  We can only speculate that this device will be smaller than the Solo and should be at least shorter and more compact then the Air.

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