HerbalAire H2.2 Vaporizer


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The HerbalAire vaporizer can be used as a direct inhalation unit, but can also be used to fill bags with cool, potent vapour.

The HerbalAire allows for extreme efficiency. In fact, multiple independent tests have proven the herbalAire can extract two or more additional bags of essence from the "spent herb" of other popular vaporizers. Eighteen tiny jets of precisely heated air permeate the herb only when the user inhales or when the pump for the bag fill kit is turned on. At all other times the herb sits idle, preserving the essence, waiting for the next demand, so nothing is wasted! Active ingredients are extracted at the lowest possible temperatures with maximum efficiency.

HerbalAire version H2.2

H2.2 is the newest version of the HerbalAire, featuring an improved pump. This allows you to fill balloons a lot faster.