Source Orb V3 Signature Kit


  • 14900


  • 4 Different Attachments, including SOURCE slim 3!
  • 8 Different Atomizers
  • 1st Quartz Double Coil atomizer
  • 1st Quartz SOURCE terra coil-less ceramic donut atomizer
  • USA-tested Titanium
  • 200x More Airflow
  • 8 Temp/Voltage Settings
  • 2 Different SOURCE terra coil-less atomizers
  • FREE SOURCE 10cig Concentrate attachment!
  • 510 eGo threaded
  • Lifetime Warranty

Works with:

  • 3 Series atomizers


  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 attachment
  • 1x SOURCE slim 3 attachment
  • 1x SOURCE globe 3 attachment
  • 1x SOURCE orb 3 Variable Voltage Battery
  • 8x 3 Series atomizers
  • 1x Large eGo Charger
  • 1x Premium Dabbing Tool
  • 1x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 1x SOURCE 10cig wax attachment
  • 1x SOURCEvapes Signature Case


  • 1x 3 Series Quartz Single Coil atomizer
  • 1x 3 Series Quartz Double Coil atomizer
  • 1x 3 Series Ceramic Double Coil atomizer
  • 1x 3 Series Wicked Double Coil atomizer
  • 1x 3 Series Herb Baker atomizer
  • 1x 3 Series Herb Hitter atomizer
  • 1x 3 Series SOURCE terra Ceramic Donut atomizer
  • 1x 3 Series Quartz SOURCE terra Ceramic Donut atomizer

Experience True Taste
The SOURCE orb 3 vaporizer is designed with purity in mind. With eight different atomizers for every occasion, including 3 new revolutionary quartz atomizers. These three atomizers are crafted with quartz instead of traditional ceramic for the purest experience.

Choose from Single Coil, Double Coil, and SOURCE terra ceramic donut atomizer for exactly the right tone.

Experience Personalized Luxury
Inside the sleek Black Metal SOURCEvapes briefcase, you’ll find an all-inclusive kit for every occasion. Why choose one when you can customize your experience with all eight SOURCE orb 3 atomizers and an adjustable voltage battery?

Variable Voltage
The SOURCE orb 3 Signature Kit comes with a variable voltage that optimizes your experience with eight different settings from 3.2v to 4.8v. Go ahead, choose your ideal temperature and intensity.