SourceOrb XL Wax/Oil Pen


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2 Different Concentrate Atomizers
Stainless Steel 303 build
New 2nd Gen. Variable Airflow System (VAS) w/ 5 Settings
New Deeper 4 Series atomizers
USA Lab-Certified 100% Real Grade 1 Titanium Coils (Purest Titanium!)
New Triple Coil atomizer w/ up to 1 Gram Capacity
Works with 9 Different 4 Series atomizers
Works with XL Series atomizers
SOURCE orb XL Premium 1300mah Sub-Ohm Battery
8 Temp Settings
510 eGo Threaded
Lifetime No-Hassle Warranty

Works with:
4 Series atomizers
XL Series atomizers

1x SOURCE orb XL attachment
1x SOURCE orb XL Premium battery
1x 4 Series atomizer
1x XL Series atomizer
1x Small Dab Tool
1x SOURCEvapes Large Travel Case

1x XL Series Quartz Triple Coil
1x 4 Series SOURCE nail Quartz atomizer (Removable Bucket)

Experience True Taste
SOURCE orb XL is our biggest and most powerful vape pen, featuring coil-free atomizers as well as full compatibility with both 4 Series and XL Series atomizers.
XL Series atomizers have 2x the capacity of 4 Series atomizer and are developed for elite vape pen users looking to Experience True Taste.

USA Lab-Certified Products
SOURCEvapes takes Quality seriously, which is why all of our products and materials are Lab-Certified for purity in the USA.

SOURCE orb XL uses real Grade 1 Titanium coils and built with Stainless Steel 303.

XL Series - The iPad of SOURCEvapes
XL Series products are the iPad of the SOURCEvapes product line: they work with the larger atomizers they were designed for, as well the smaller 4 Series and 3 Series atomizers.

This gives users 11 different atomizers to chose from, including 9 different 4 Series atomizers and 2 current XL Series atomizers.

Note: Some atomizers require a more powerful battery, make sure to check the requirements for 4 series and XL Series Atomizers.